Wish List

At the end of 2013, my family was successful in getting a grant for major home modifications level 2 & 3 which means that I may get a “home of my own” mid 2014.  This will be such a fantastic thing for all of us as our house is far too cramped and I have lots of difficulty using our current facilities.  This was a number one on my wish list for years.  Could you help me equip my room, please?

Wheelchair – I wish I did not need one.

Electric king sized single bed – this will make all the difference to my very patient carers and family.

Furniture – sadly I need furniture that can withstand some punishment yet be highly functional.

Building touches – there is always something that will be needed on a new room.

Gift to my Family – I would love to refurbish our family home back to how nice it once was.  It really shows a major toll.

Please send me a note if you can assist.  Thank you.