Supreme Court decides on Re-trial

On Monday, 2 July, the supreme court judgement was released as a result of an appeal on the earlier court decision.  The judgment was to re-trial the case due to changes in the law.  No date was released however, pending a statement from the DPP, it could be later this year.  The supreme court is upholding bail awaiting court date.  For more details, refer to the Coffs Coast Advocate article.

The implications are that Jake will continue to be cared for by the family & carers without access to any formal support arrangements.  Family & friends will continue to actively fund raise to ensure that Jake gets everything he needs.  We really need every bit of fund raising that we can get.  Jake’s medical bills etc alone leaves very little for the family to convert the family home into an environment suitable for the him.  It’s a tight squeeze however everyone remains happy and positive about the future.