Evidence Suppressed

Details on the re-trial continue to be released.  Unbelieveably, Dallas Kahl’s defence lawyers managed to have details of Kahl’s assault history suppressed from being presented to the new jury.  This was in spite of the fact that his history of causing harm to others was presented in the original trial.  Apparently Kahl has a history of violence which clearly showed he was well aware of the consequences of his actions.  Given that the jury was making a decision on the foreseeability of his actions, it would appear that the defence lawyers were too clever for the Crown prosecution (Police).  Is this is a sad indictment of our laws and courts in NSW when lawyers can suppress potentially pertinent evidence from being presented?

It also turns out that the Police were so confident of Kahl’s guilt, they did not even charge him with multiple charges, such as general assault, which is the usual practice, should a conviction not be certain.

We understand as a period of time has now passed since the original incident in January 2010, it makes it difficult to pursue ongoing forms of action.  The family struggles to support Jake with limited means.  If you are someone, or know of someone, who can assist with advice & direction to provide for Jake’s future, we would love to hear from you.

Dallas Kahl is a very lucky individual who has managed to avoid criminal conviction.  We are doing everything we can to constantly remind Kahl how his reckless actions not only destroyed the life of another young person but also the family that now has to support Jake.